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Was the cat tower really invented to treat depression in cats?

31 Oct 2022

Many new cat owners struggle with whether a cat tree is a necessity for their cats. In fact, there is no need to agonise over this matter, as the cat tree is certainly a product that best suits the nature of cats.

Origin of The Cat Tree

First, cats are solitary hunting animals and there are several behaviours that they must do on a daily basis in addition to eating and drinking, including: licking their fur, looking down on their territory, sharpening their paws, sleeping in the sun and hunting.

The invention of the cat tree is destined to be an important piece of pet ownership history: the cat tree was invented in 1916 by the famous American zoologist Macdonald and was initially used primarily to treat depression in cats. As its use became more widespread, the cat tree became a real pleasure for cats, so it was gradually mass-produced and became an option for cat owners to entertain their cats, and was no longer associated with the treatment of depression.


Cat Tree Largely Satisfy the Natural Instincts of Cats

1. The sisal rope satisfies the cat's natural instinct to sharpen its claws: the cat sharpened its claws in preparation for the hunt.

2. The toys on the cat climbing frame satisfy the cat's hunting nature.

3. The open space allows the cat to lie down lazily and take a nap in the sun.

4. The multi-layered structure satisfies the cat's nature to jump and climb, and also satisfies the cat's need to look down on the territory: the cat's patrol of the territory is different from that of a dog marking everywhere, and is more likely to stand on high ground and look down.

5. An enclosed litter is a good choice for cats to hide themselves and sleep with a sense of security.

So for a well-functioning cat climbing frame, it must have the following features: 1. sufficient height and complexity; 2. comfortable sisal rope uprights suitable for cats to sharpen their claws; 3. an open and open platform; 4. an enclosed litter; and 5. small mobile toys.

Tips for Choosing and Using a Cat Climbing Frame

1. Do not use cheap products.

Plush or wood for cat climbing frames, lamb's wool and E0 grade environmentally friendly wood are preferred.

2. Arrange the position according to your needs.

It is best to place the cat carrier where it can be exposed to direct sunlight, as cats will enjoy the feeling of lazing in the sun.

3. The cat climbing frame should have a certain height.

Choose a height of 160cm or more and no less than 3 tiers.

4. The base of the cat climbing frame must be stable.

5. The height of the cat climbing frame must be proportional to the area of the base.

As a natural tree climber, a suitable cat tower is like a playground in heaven. It doesn't sound too much to ask for a big toy when a kitten comes to our house.

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