One Thanksgiving night, Mr. Puti, the founder of the store, rushed home full of joy after a turkey dinner at a friend's house. Just as he was about to open the lock, a faint shout caught his attention. Mr. Puti walked in the direction of the sound, and soon found the source - a cardboard box in front of a dark room. He hurriedly opened the box and there was a thin and weak orange cat inside. Apparently, the kitten was abandoned by this family moving away. As he was too scraggy, Mr. Puti hoped that he can grow as strong as the Big G in Doraemon, so he named it as Big G.

The arrival of BIG G adds a lot of color to Mr. Puti's lonely life. Mr Puti believed that BIG G was a huge surprise gift from God on Thanksgiving. As BIG G grew up day by day, Mr. Puti used many discarded cardboard boxes and wood to build a cat climbing tower for the lively and vivacious organe cat, so that he would not be so lonely while waiting for Mr. Puti to get off work at home. But due to lack of experience, the homemade cat tree broke down after a few days. So, Mr. Puti started looking around to find out how to make the cat tree well. After continuous learning and improvement, Mr. Puti had his own unique understanding of the construction of cat tree. At this time, he had the idea that everyone could use the cat tree he had painstakingly researched, and MWPO was born.

MWPO is committed to making the best quality cat furniture available to all cat families. While the cat play on MWPO cat tree, there is no need to worry about the safety, and the cat can enjoy the comfort brought by the soft material when resting on it. We will keep the original intention of gratitude unchanged and provide you with the best quality products and services.


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