MWPO June New Arrival

Classic Series 35.8“ Multi-Functional Cat Tree (medel B838)  Cat Condo With Large Padded Perch, Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, Fluffy Hammock and Dangling Toys. Provide the perfect place for cats to climb,...

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New Arrival

Thank you all for your love of our brand mwpo. MWPO has new products! We hope our products can bring you more joy. TOP 1  The "mwpo-130plus" is an upgraded...

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Brand Story

One Thanksgiving night, Mr. Puti, the founder of the store, rushed home full of joy after a turkey dinner at a friend's house. Just as he was about to open...

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Why Do CATS Love Cat Trees

Perching isn’t just for the birds. Have you ever noticed how your kitty loves to climb up cat trees? Let’s look at why cats like cat trees so much!

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