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18 Oct 2022

Thank you all for your love of our brand mwpo. MWPO has new products!

We hope our products can bring you more joy.

TOP 1 

The "mwpo-130plus" is an upgraded version from MWPO's flagship product, the "mwpo-130". We developed this flagship model of MWPO with the beauty of furniture and the comfort of cats in mind, using high-quality natural rubberwood, ultra-soft microfiber wood, and cotton rope.

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This multi-level cat tower has room for 2 or 3 adult kitties to climb, play and snooze.
Features 4 perches for lounging along with 1 fluffy condos and 2 plush basket for cozy cat-napping spots.

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The cat tree is suitable for cat paw grinding, habitat, scratching, rest and entertainment, so that kitten has enough space for activities. Keep in a good mood, exercise cat to keep fit, and your expensive furniture will be protected from damage.

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This heavy-duty cat tree is sturdy enough for even the heaviest Maine coon. With one large cave condos at the bottom for hideaway cat naps, posts for scratching, and spacious perches at the top, it'll make your extra-large kitty purr (especially if you sprinkle some catnip on each level).

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This special pet play area Keeps your cats endlessly fun. With 4 platforms to sleep and bask on, this cat perch is the perfect solution for homes with more than one frisky feline. Cat scratchers benefit both pets and owners by providing someplace to relieve cats' desire to claw and to climb and saving your carpets and household furniture from damage. Rest, play, exercise, your cats can spend all day on it, a comfortable unit for your furry friends. Fits ceilings up to 8.3 feet Cats are naturally fond of high places, and this cat crawler is just what cats like. Give your kitty a fun, safe environment in which to play Ideal for all cats and kittens Easy to assemble.


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