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Why Do CATS Love Cat Trees

10 Oct 2022

Perching isn’t just for the birds. Have you ever noticed how your kitty loves to climb up cat trees? Let’s look at why cats like cat trees so much!

Indoor kitties who don’t have access to real trees have man-made “cat trees” that they love to climb up and spend time on. Perched high atop their cat tree, they can nap, play, and relax as they watch everything that’s going on.

But why do so many cats enjoy being in high places around your home, looking down upon their domain and surveying everything beneath them? Is it so they can feel more powerful, or is there more to it?

Cats Use Height for Safety

Cats who live outside may choose to climb up trees in order to be able to observe what’s going on around them from a safe place. They may also use a tree to target prey or get away from predators. And your indoor kitty has these same instincts.

By climbing high up onto hercat tree, your kitty can perch and check out her surroundings, and she can also get away from other cats in the house. In fact, acat treemight be a good way to reduce feline conflicts in your home because it gives them a place to escape to.

Shy Felines Feel More Confident

Kitties who are timid could benefit from a cat tree, as they can climb high to check out their environment and easily see what’s going on around them without fear.

If your cat often hides and avoids coming out into the open, setting up acat treewith a high perch or hideaway could give her the ideal place to feel secure. You might even find that your cat has no problem spending time with the family when she’s in hercat tree, so she may be less likely to hide under your bed.

More Territory for Your Kitty

Horizontal territory is important to your cat, but a verticalcat treewill provide convenient and desirable vertical territory. This will serve to increase her living area and give her more space.

If you have more than one cat but they don’t necessarily like to spend time together in close spaces, acat treecould be a great solution. A large tree with multiple levels, hideaways, and perches can easily be shared while giving each cat the space she prefers.

Enrichment for a Happy Feline

Put simply, felines love cat trees because they’re a lot of fun to climb. Kittens and adults like using their bodies to balance and reach high places, and it’s a great form of exercise.

If you purchase a cat tree with scratching posts built in, your cat can scratch away and may not feel the need to go after your furniture. And if it has hideaways, your pet will gladly take advantage of the additional privacy whenever she wants some quiet time.

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