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Cat Trees Are Becoming The Standard For Cat-Owning Families

25 Nov 2022

It is well known that cat food and cat litter are necessary for raising cats, but more and more owenrs are using cat trees as standard objects for raising cats, in fact, there is some scientific basis for this judgment.

Cat s Tree Is a Memory In The Cat's Genes

Cats ancestors live in the jungle, in the wild if they encounter their rivals can not match, they will choose to climb the trees to hide. This way most of the natural enemies will choose to give up hunting because of the lack of climbing ability. Therefore, for cats, high places are a place full of security. The cat tree, on the other hand, is the most suitable high place simulator for cats.

Cat Tree Is The Cat's Weapon Without Leaving Home

Although cats like to stay in the house, but also long for free space, cat tree is a magic tool that can expand the cat's activity space. Because in the eyes of the cat, those places where the height difference is free to stretch the space.

Cat's Overlook

When cats stand on a cat tree with a certain height they can see the whole room space clearly. When the owner is not home, the cat tree near the window can be a good way for the cat to relax.

Cat Shelter

In a cat's understanding, the cat free is a space with an open and safe view. Therefore, when cats feel pressure or encounter danger, they will prefer to run to the cat tree.

Cat's Gym

Cats actually need a lot of exercise every day, and if they can have a place where they can climb and jump, then they will be more excited to play.


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