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18 Oct 2022
The kitten leaves its mother and arrives at a new home for the first time, all the things and faces are unfamiliar and it needs to face alone in the new environment ... As a new owner how to help it adapt to the new home as soon as possible?

48 Hours to Establish A Sense of Belonging

The first 48 hours at home is called the "Adaptation Period", the owner needs more company, so it may curl up under the bed or a dark corner, peering at the unfamiliar everything, poor adaptation ability will even refuse to eat, soft stool, etc.

How to get through the adaptation period?

1. Walk around the house.

Take your kitten for an easy stroll around every part of the house, so that it can get familiar with the smell of home and family as soon as possible. If there are places where it is forbidden to go, remember to block them up (especially the windows).

2. Spend the first night.

The first night he will feel restless and difficult to sleep. Why not place his nest next to your bed so that he can smell you at any time, so he will understand: this is my family. Be careful, just sleep with him once or twice, otherwise your personal space may be permanently occupied.

How to prepare a new home life for a kitten? (Necessary Household Items)

a.Cat Nest: A comfortable and soft mattress can make a kitten feel more secure.

b.Litter Box: Choose a suitable size, preferably with a lid to limit the spread of odors.

c.Feeding Bowls: Choose two, one for cat food (an adult cat weighing 3-4kg eats about 50-60kg per day) and a larger bowl for drinking water.

d.Cat Scratching Board/Post: It is quite useful, which can be used as a prop for the game to reduce the chance of the young cat hurting the furniture.

Recommended For You

e.Cat Food: The right cat food can make your cat's coat soft and shiny and its bowel movements healthy.

The reason why human beings need cats is that they can solidify in the beauty of peace the emotions that tend to fall into sadness when you and I are alone. Love cats, love yourself.

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